2016 Description Download
August From Worrier to Warrior: How to Conquer the Black Vine Weevil August
July The Very Hungry Caterpillars: Tips to Control These Prolific Pests July
June Stopping a Crossover Pest: How to Defeat Two-Spotted Spider Mites June
May Singing the Botrytis Blues: Tips to Help Growers Change Their Tune May
April A Grower’s Guide to PGRs: Tips for Ornamentals and Vegetables April
March Aphids, Mites and Thrips: Tips to Stay Ahead of the Terrible Trio
February Introducing In-Vivo Nematodes: A New BCA Option for Organic Production
January Managing Diseases in Propagation: Four Practical Steps to Minimize Risk

2015 Description Download
December When Clean isnít Clean Enough: Getting Serious About Sanitation
November Cooking Up a Masterpiece: The Recipe to Keep Botrytis at Bay
October Your Fourth Quarter Game Plan: Successful Late-Season Whitefly Control
September The ABCs of PGRs on Poinsettia: Smart Strategies to Enhance Crop Quality
August In with Beneficial Predators: Out with Whiteflies on Poinsettia
July They Mite Be Giants: Stopping the Summer Spider Mite Surge
June It Does a Plant Good: The Importance of Calcium in Plant Growth
May Root Rot on Your Radar: Preventing Pythium in Fall Garden Mums
April Get a Leg Up: Staying Ahead of the Merciless Thrips
March Feast or Famine: Managing Iron Deficiency and Toxicity
February Stop Trouble in Its Tracks: Preventing Disease in Propagation
January Tools to Keep Resistance in Check: New Insecticides and Miticides for 2015